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  2. cba to read all this, came here to call all of you wankers thats about it -Noisey
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  10. Damn such a dank story, my dude! Very inspiring. See everyone, although his house burnt down and he hit rock bottom he's still living a healthy life and proceeding to make himself happy to this day.
  11. Holy shit I made a long post I checked online and it's saying this post has 1191 words ._. and this took me about an hour to write
  12. So uhh... sup? I'm bored and I have nothing else to do so I might just introduce myself to the players of our server.. hello! Hello! Everyone calls me Panda and everyone also knows that I am and always will be the one and only Panda that you or anyone will know. (trust me i'm not an engineer, but my friend is so that gives me the right) Well then let's begin with the story of how I became Panda. Well it was a nice summer day and I was at home and I was playing gmod on Nubbys old darkRP server "noobyservers" and I was using the rp name "Hubba Smith" Hubba Smith was a low life/homeless criminal or something like that.. but yeah and I really don't remember why I thought "Hayy you should totally change your rp name to Panda because "Panda Smith" sounds good dude and you are the best and best looking man ever <3" And then on I was known as Panda and everyone liked me.. I think everyone liked me.. I hope someone liked me.. but yeah then I had my rp name as Panda Smith and I met this guy playing basketball outside with the boys. Well this guy asked "do ya wanna buy some wiid maan" and I said "yeh sure" and well then I smoked once and then he invited me to smoke another time and well you get the point I started to smoke weed alot.. like in my summer vacation at the time I had 6 days when I wasn't smoking or drinking ":DD" and I usually played on the server when I was high af and ofc because I was always really high everyone started to joke around when I did something wrong "Lol panda are you high again" and I would just start to laugh. Also this one girl whom was a former staff member "Alicia" she said I sounded like Morgan Freeman which was honor to me because I love Morgan Freeman. but yeeh back to the main story uhh where was I oh yes so I was playing every game with the nickname Panda I switched my main game to cs:go after a slight misunderstandment with the reason for 2 of our staff members getting demoted and banned, so I decided to leave the server with a bang.. I binded /slay * to a key and started to slowly ban everyone on the server ":)" and I still to this day regret it, but I had to do something and that seemed like a good idea at the time. Well then I started cs:go and after 10 games I was placed in the low rank of "Silver 3". Well long story short I didn't belong to this rank and I carried my ass trough the russians and the scrubs to gold nova 1 where my IRL friend was. Me and my friend start to play cs:go daily, but I was still top fragging almost every game. Scrubs from my games started to add me and I only added those who had some potential in them and my so called legend grew and so did my rank I finally got myself to Gold Nova 4 and realised my friend from school was also playing cs:go and he was also in the same rank so I decided to start to play with him. So at this time I had played cs:go for quite a while and my skill had gotten better and I was again top fragging, but also out playing smurfs. Me and my friend were amazed at this one player "focus" and we asked hay do you want to play a couple of games more? and he said yeh sure lemme smoke this joint and then we went to play and we played for like 8h straight. Well Focus became our friend and we started to play with him every day and well we we're just slaying every game that came and carried ourselfs to the Master Guardian Elite rank. Somewhere here I stopped smoking weed everyday and had to leave my old friend group because they started to try out different kinds of drugs as in ecstasy, LSD, Mushrooms and they even tried crack. Well I was sure of it I had to leave the group because I was not going to look at them destroying their own life. fuck that. And then Focus left and after a while I was just annoyed that I couldn't get to a higher rank because my friend was not as good as he should have been and then we both started to break down because we were really good at aiming, but we were still getting fucked and I had enough I didn't play cs:go for 3 months and got back I was still really good.. carried my friend to dmg and that was it I wanted to play alone and so I started to soloQ. Where my name grew even bigger because I was always blamed for hacks and for being a smurf and these came from smurfs themselfs. Well then I got back to mge and stayed there for a couple of weeks but eventually dropped to mg2 because of THE FUCKING RUSSIANS and my friend said "hay lul wanna come and play you can carry me to LEM ;)" and I said yeh sure ,but you are the higher ranks. Well I carried him to LEM and I was still stuck in mg2 I was again getting annoyed. So I quit cs:go and this time it was for a good I haven't played cs:go for 3-4months now maybe I sometimes went to play on my alt account, but it was just 1-5 comp games in 3-4moths. Well now I have stopped playing cs:go seriously and I'm maybe switching it back to Gmod because that's a game I like. Well what else can I tell about myself.. Oh yes of course how could I not remember.. A couple of years back my home burned down and I was called a hero for running into the burning building to get our cats. I had to go to the hospital because I had inhaled too much smoke which I didn't really care about I was fine, but the doctors wanted me there so I went there. I had to live in a container which we redecorated from the inside to look like a home. We lived in this fucking container for 2 years almost 3.. we finally moved a month ago to a new house. also as we lived in this depressing stage of our live my grandpa and my grandma died. My grandpa died due to throat cancer which he survived once, but It came back and my grandma just slept away one day. But hayy everything is good now! I'm 19, I still live in Helsinki Finland. I got a new GF and I have a car 8) oh and you really are fucked in the head if you are still reading this oh yeah forgot to mention.. I might be an asshole :*
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  14. In-Game Name: Dubzotic_ SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DubbzyYT/ Real Name: George Your Country Of Residence: Wales /UK Date Of Birth: 04/01/2003 Do You Have A Microphone: Yes How did you find out about UltraRoleplay: I played on the server quite a while ago and i found it again and started playing with friends, When i was playing with frineds Your Playtime On The Server: Example: 1 Week 2 Hours How Many Warnings Do You Have: Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What RDM Means: RDM Random Deathmatch, When you randomly kill a other player without a reason. Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What NLR Means: NLR New life Rule, For example: You are being raided and you are killed you then go back to your base and attack your killer or go back to where you died, This is NLR as you should not return to the area or attack your killer/attacker before NLR time/ timer is over Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What Meta-Gaming Means: Meta-Gaming Meta-Gaming is when you go out of In-Game character, I dont really have a good example. Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FailRP Means: FailRP For example a player raiding a base without advertising in chat or carjacking without advert. Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FearRP Means: FearRP For example Player A is being mugged by Player B and player A Pulls out a gun or starts running away. Why Should You Be Chosen To Join Our Staff Team: I wish to join the Staff Team as i enjoy playing on the RP server and i like to help others, I can help the server quite a lot as i play on the server almost every day after secondary school with my friends/ family but sometimes i do just play on my own making money and enjoying the server. Do You Understand That If You Are In-Active Without Saying You're Going On LOA (Leave Of Absence) You Will Be Demoted: Yes Are You Currently A Member Of Staff On Any Other Community: No
  15. In-Game Name: Nocturnal_Chris | Ghost_Factory SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60072583 Real Name: Christopher Rose Your Country Of Residence: Wales Date Of Birth: 09/10/1997 Do You Have A Microphone: Yes How did you find out about UltraRoleplay: my friend found the server and i joined him i had an amzing time so i carried on. Your Playtime On The Server: 1week How Many Warnings Do You Have: Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What RDM Means: RDM means random death match its when someone kills with out a reason, rdm could be a way of trolling or agitating another player. Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What NLR Means: NLR means new life rule its when you die, you cant go back there. For instance if someone was raiding you then they kill you u cant go back and kill them. If they kill you you cant go back and kill them for revenge. you have to start a new life there is also a cooldown then the player can return. Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What Meta-Gaming Means: Metagaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Another definition refers to the game universe outside of the game itself. Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FailRP Means: Fail Rp is when you dont role-play propperly for istance you are being robbed in real life you wouldnt run away but in games you would fail rp is when you ignore role playing and not care about if you die. Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FearRP Means: Fear rp is when you run away from someone say who is robbing you. Why Should You Be Chosen To Join Our Staff Team: I should be chosen for the staff team because im a loyal member who loves this server and want to make the server not full of cheaters Do You Understand That If You Are In-Active Without Saying You're Going On LOA (Leave Of Absence) You Will Be Demoted: Yes Are You Currently A Member Of Staff On Any Other Community: Yes
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  17. Application under review.
  18. In-Game Name: Buckfast SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61393637 Real Name: Ross Whitehill Your Country Of Residence: Scotland Date Of Birth: 01/23/2000 Do You Have A Microphone: No How did you find out about UltraRoleplay: My pal showed me the server Your Playtime On The Server: 9hrs 30min How Many Warnings Do You Have: Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What RDM Means: RDM stands for random death match RDM is when a player kills another player for no reason. Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What NLR Means: NLR stands for new life rule. Its when a player dies then comes back straight away Its also means that when you respawn whatever happened before you died is forgotten about Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What Meta-Gaming Means: Meta-Gaming is when players use transcend a pre described ruleset Another definition is refering to using other methods outside of game to get an advantage over other players Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FailRP Means: FailRP is an action that someone can do that is out of character for the job they have chosen For an example a police officer having printers is failrp because it is not role playing Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FearRP Means: FearRP is when someone is afraid to die ingame. An example of this if someone is mugging you its FearRP to run away or pull a gun out Why Should You Be Chosen To Join Our Staff Team: I have had past moderating experiance on a range of different servers. I am active on the forums and i am also active in game. I would not abuse the power and i would take moderating very seriously. I have a good knowledge of how the game works and have a good knowledge of role playing servers in general Do You Understand That If You Are In-Active Without Saying You're Going On LOA (Leave Of Absence) You Will Be Demoted: Yes Are You Currently A Member Of Staff On Any Other Community: No
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  20. First, I would like to state it is a pleasure to be the first person posting here. Anyway, my name is Apple Seed and I am developer. I was recently invited by Nooby to help work on an upcoming Jailbreak server, as you guessed I accepted. This is not my first time on the community, when the community first started I was here with the tag "Founder" but decided to leave and give up my position on the server. I will be helping develop the Jailbreak server and strictly Jailbreak (no DarkRP nonsense). I have developed in games such as Arma, GMOD, Rust, ARK and many other games. I have also created various games of my own but did not believe they were good enough to release to the public... maybe one day. Anyway that's me! As community manager if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask and if you have any development requests, well you know who to contact
  21. Requesting to be unbanned Hello there! Bans will start to occur all the time at UltraRP and as staff members are human they can make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes they don't and players may think they deserve another chance. At UltraRP we value our members and we put a lot of time into our unban requests. Unban requests are not a top priority however, we do take the time to check over them every day. Temporary Bans Temporary Bans are quite often within this community as we do give our players a second chance. If you have been temporarily banned for 3 days or less then you are not applicable to request an unban. The only exception to this rule is if you have sufficient proof that shows you were not involved or you did not break that rule. Permanent Bans If you have been perm banned it either means you have broken too many rules or you have broken a serious rule. Perm bans are handled in a different manner from Temp bans. Perm bans are discussed with senior management and a lot of consideration will be put into it. If we feel comfortable letting you back into our community then you will be unbanned. Teamspeak Bans Teamspeak Bans can happen for many different reasons. If you are joining public channels and purposely trolling then you can be subject to a TeamSpeak ban. Most bans from TeamSpeak are permanent which means you must appeal it here first. Some staff members may let you off with a temporary ban depending on the seriousness. Community Bans Community bans are our top tier bans here at UltraRP and there is no way to appeal them on the forums. If you have been community banned you are invited to have a chat with us on TeamSpeak. Members of senior management will ask you various questions to see if you will be allowed back on our game servers again. If you have got any further questions do not hesitate to ask a member of staff. Thank you.
  22. Reporting a bug Hello there! Bugs are common in most Altis life servers and that is why we intend on improving our servers and patching these bugs. Sometimes bugs can be hard to find and that is why we have made the option for our players to report bugs. There are certain rules in place when reporting a bug: Do not abuse the bug then report it later. This is counts as exploiting or cheating. If the bug can be abused by other players do not report the bug here. Message a staff member and they will forward it on to the developers Do not waste our time by reporting something that is not a bug. If you are unsure ask a Helper. Thank you very much for your interest
  23. Auction House Rules Hello there! The auction house is a fantastic way to buy and sell valuable items within Altis. It is important that when buying and selling here you should follow the guidelines in place and stick to the rules. When buying items: You should always have the required money for the item. If you bid yet you don't have the required cash then you can be subject to a ban from the auction house. All bids are final. If you bid on an item and you decide you don't want it later that day you cannot take that bid back. If you bid on that item you must make sure that you don't lose the money for it. Don't buy a ridicules rebel load out when you place an expensive bid. If you are unsure what you are buying, ask before you bid. When selling items: You must make it very clear what the starting price is. When selling an item you must keep that item very safe somewhere. If you lose the item you must make it very clear within your auction post that it has been lost to avoid any more bids. You must actually have the item that you are selling. If you are selling something which you don't have then you will be banned from the auction house. This is because people look for legitimate items and they want to purchase things. When selling items you must follow the layout provided. Do not put stupid starting prices on non-expensive items. (A GPS for 500,000 for example) Obviously, there will be exploits around the rules here and that is why they will be constantly updated with new guidelines and rules. If you have got any questions do not be afraid to contact a member of staff. Thank you for your interest
  24. 02-26-2017 Added: Renamed most shops/DVLA's Added: New Prison in Athira Added: Renamed most drugs Added: Moved all drug locations to make it slightly quicker when doing runs Added: Kavala Square Added: Kavala Bank (Place with lots of ATM's, may be robbable in the future) Moved: Kavala square shops to a better location Moved: Zaros Gun store closer to Kavala Removed: Altis Corrections near frog swamp
  25. Welcome to the Altis Life UK Development changelog. All amendments & additions to our Altis Life server will be announced in this thread once it's been released. We like to keep everything in one place.
  26. Compensation Request

    Compensation Request We are truly sorry you feel the need to type out an in-game compensation request, this community is run by gamers and we know exactly how annoying and frustrating it can be to be out of pocket in Altis Life, especially when it perhaps isn't your fault! So please help us by reading the below and following so we can help you as fast as we can. Here are the things we accept as a valid compensation request: VDM/RDM (Please link your player report thread - We need evidence to process) Robbed in the Greenzone ( Please link your player report thread - We need evidence to process) Client Desync ( Example: Someone desynced into you) Hackers (Please state date & time) Arma Issues ( Random Deaths / Glitching / Flying in the air / Random Explosions) Y/T Menu items ( Processed Gold / Drugs / Clams / Oil / Salt / Copper etc) Unannounced restarts ...and here are the things we are unable to compensate: Housing Storage Boxes ( Completely at your own risk - Most peoples are 'trouble free') Anything stored in storage ( Again at your own risk ) Houses/Garages (They auto-expire after 60 days of not logging on) Requests of under £100K when you have more than 1 million in your account. User Error ( You accidentally pressed the wrong button or you jumped out a window) Client Issues ( Your Arma 3 crashed - This is your own responsibility) Server 2 and/or 3 going offline past 12 am (Yes it will happen without warning and it is up to you to switch to S1) Please note any compensation requests are carried out on a goodwill basis by our kind voluntary staff in due course, their decisions are final. So after reading the above you should know if you are able to open a compensation request if so then please fill out the compensation request form Once you have filled it out it will appear in the compensation request forum so you can track its process. So you can enter correct prices please use the following price lists as a reference:
  27. General Rules Have common Sense. Do not do anything which can harm the server or disrupt the quality of others' gameplay. Do not intentionally annoy/harass anybody for any reason. Do not abuse bugs and exploits. Report any bugs or abusers to admins. Do not prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge or spam. Do not kill, build, or park cars in the spawn areas. Do not mic spam. (Playing music, screaming, obnoxiously singing) No racism\Bigotry\Homophobic remarks towards anybody for any reason. Use triple slash /// or // space?<message> to contact an admin. Do not use /ooc or /advert Try to solve petty disputes BEFORE calling an admin. Do not spawn props in other people's bases Do not self-supply as gun dealer. Do NOT spam the vape swep. ( can lead to kos/aos ) Always follow Fear RP (the idea that you value your life and must act accordingly in dangerous situations to prevent death. Building Rules While building, put up a sign that says "Building" to let others know you are not roleplaying. When a building sign is up, you cannot have any entities in your base. Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign. A player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lockpick. Do not abuse the fading door tool. (Using the num pad to constantly spam it or open and close it quickly) You may not own more than one base at a time. You may not have a fading door with the sole purpose to protect a keypad or button. Keypads must be connected to a working fading door. Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. (With a 0 initial delay) Do not build inside unowned buildings or ones that you do not own. Do not build out on the streets or anywhere public. (Unless you are a hobo) Do not build on rooftops unless they are accessible via walking. (inaccessible rooftops) Do not block off large parts of the map, or any place where NPCsspawn. No disorienting advantages such as black rooms, fully invisible props, or world glow effects. Do not store entities on inaccessible rooftops or inaccessible areas in general. Sky bases are not allowed. KOS signs should not be more than a Foot from your base (1x1 Plate for Reference) Do not use a combination of props, colour effects or materials to create unfair seeing advantages in your base design i.e using 1-way viewable props combination to pre-aim and shoot through a matted fence or other shoot-through-able props ( Also read #14 of Building Rules ) Important Rule Definitions Definitions OOC- Out Of Character IC- In Character RDM- Random Death Match NLR- New Life Rule FDA- Fading Door Abuse RDA- Random Arrest Meta- Metagaming LE- Law Enforcement RP- Role-Play IRL/RL- In Real Life/Real Life Random Death Match (RDM) Killing without any valid RP reason. You may always defend yourself if you are being attacked. (Don't FearRP) Do not complete hits, kill, or arrest players in spawn unless they have already left the spawn area. Do not complete hits, kill, or arrest players with building signs unless they have left their area or are engaging in RP. Killing someone should be a last resort, try and find a creative RP solution first. New Life Rule (NLR) Once you die, you forget everything that happened to you in your past life. You may not return to the area where you died until you wait the 5 minute NLR Area cooldown time. If you are close enough to the area where you died, so that you are influencing the RP that is ongoing in said area, then you are breaking NLR. If you were killed during a raid, you cannot return to that place until the raid is complete. Metagaming Using information that your RP character does not know. Using your numpad to open the keypads and buttons too quickly versus actually using them. Using out-of-character (OOC) information in-character, and vice versa. Car Jacking Your class must be able to MUG in order to Car Jack. You can car jack every 15 minutes. You must follow ( Raiding / Mugging / Robbing Rules -> Rule #6 ) before you lockpick or enter the car If your car is stolen do NOT spawn another car. You must reacquire your stolen car before spawning another car. Do not carjack people at the car dealer. Fading Door Abuse ( FDA ) Always use your keypads to open fading doors. Do not use your keyboard to open your fading doors. Do not use a Button to toggle faded props to shoot through them. ( I.e. faded windows). Raiding / Mugging / RobbingRules You must wait 15 minutes in-between raiding the same person. Once you've completed your raid, you must leave. You cannot occupy a base/store after a raid. You cannot raid from inaccessible rooftops. You must initiate on said person. ( Tell them they are being mugged/raided ((/advert raid))) Maximum of money you can rob for is 5K. You NEED to advert all illegal crimes. (Hits, ALL raids ( start and finish), Mugging, PD Raids, Carjack, etc) You can only mug/raid/rob once every 10-30 minutes. The cooldown starts after the last one is finished. Do not build or spawn props while raiding or being raided. Do not camp or hang out in a base that you are raiding, get in and get out. Call an admin if you think someone is taking too long. You cannot raid a base with a "building" sign. People shouldn't have anything worth losing in their base until their base is done. Roleplay Specific Rules Do not abuse your job to kill people or create FailRP scenarios. Never avoid role-play scenarios. (Ex: disconnecting, switching jobs, suicide.) Wars, revolutions and server wide RDM fest will not be tolerated. Do not hide printers/drugs in props where they cannot be accessed. No Property Whoring. Do not buy up multiple buildings unless part of a gang. Stealing is allowed. If you drop a shipment on the ground in public or in unowned building, you are take a chance of it being stolen. You do not have to advert anything to steal something from public. Combat Specific Rules You can kill people for these reasons: Valid RP reason: Mugging, Raiding, Hit,Arrest They cross a KOS line They are posing an immediate threat to you i.e. Threatening to kill you at gunpoint They are attacking you or a member of your group You may NOT kill people for these reasons: Randomly without a valid RP reason For standing in the street near your base For Loitering on the sidewalk near your base Because they killed your friend Because they are breaking NLR They are following you around. Call the Cops and get a restraining order from a lawyer. Arresting/Warranting Specific Rules You may arrest someone if: You see them break a law that is listed on the current law board You saw them Kill Someone They are Raiding or Mugging Someone If they are visibly possessing a contraband item They are in an AOS area If the subject is fleeing from an interrogation Always try to arrest before you kill. It takes one swing to put them in jail. You may NOTarrest someone if: They are a certain job. i.e. Do not AOS Hobos because they are hobos. They are Trash Talking ( fine them for being disrespectful ) They are breaking a Law that's against server rules. They are standing near a crime scene They are standing in the PD lobby They just killed you. That is Breaking NLR For breaking a Server Rule, Contact an Admin instead
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