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Buckfast Tonic Wine

Buckfast Tonic Wine - Staff Application

In-Game Name: Buckfast
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61393637
Real Name: Ross Whitehill
Your Country Of Residence: Scotland
Date Of Birth: 01/23/2000
Do You Have A Microphone: No
How did you find out about UltraRoleplay: My pal showed me the server
Your Playtime On The Server: 9hrs 30min
How Many Warnings Do You Have:
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What RDM Means: RDM stands for random death match
RDM is when a player kills another player for no reason.
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What NLR Means: NLR stands for new life rule. Its when a player dies then comes back straight away
Its also means that when you respawn whatever happened before you died is forgotten about
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What Meta-Gaming Means: Meta-Gaming is when players use transcend a pre described ruleset
Another definition is refering to using other methods outside of game to get an advantage over other players
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FailRP Means: FailRP is an action that someone can do that is out of character for the job they have chosen
For an example a police officer having printers is failrp because it is not role playing
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FearRP Means: FearRP is when someone is afraid to die ingame.
An example of this if someone is mugging you its FearRP to run away or pull a gun out
Why Should You Be Chosen To Join Our Staff Team: I have had past moderating experiance on a range of different servers. I am active on the forums and i am also active in game. I would not abuse the power and i would take moderating very seriously. I have a good knowledge of how the game works and have a good knowledge of role playing servers in general
Do You Understand That If You Are In-Active Without Saying You're Going On LOA (Leave Of Absence) You Will Be Demoted: Yes
Are You Currently A Member Of Staff On Any Other Community: No

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