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Intoduction - Panda

So uhh... sup?

I'm bored and I have nothing else to do so I might just introduce myself to the players of our server.. hello!


Everyone calls me Panda and everyone also knows that I am and always will be the one and only Panda that you or anyone will know.

(trust me i'm not an engineer, but my friend is so that gives me the right)

Well then let's begin with the story of how I became Panda. Well it was a nice summer day and I was at home and I was playing gmod on Nubbys old darkRP server "noobyservers" and I was using the rp name "Hubba Smith" Hubba Smith was a low life/homeless criminal or something like that.. but yeah and I really don't remember why I thought "Hayy you should totally change your rp name to Panda because "Panda Smith" sounds good dude and you are the best and best looking man ever <3" And then on I was known as Panda and everyone liked me.. I think everyone liked me.. I hope someone liked me.. but yeah then I had my rp name as Panda Smith and I met this guy playing basketball outside with the boys. Well this guy asked "do ya wanna buy some wiid maan" and I said "yeh sure" and well then I smoked once and then he invited me to smoke another time and well you get the point I started to smoke weed alot.. like in my summer vacation at the time I had 6 days when I wasn't smoking or drinking ":DD" and I usually played on the server when I was high af and ofc because I was always really high everyone started to joke around when I did something wrong "Lol panda are you high again" and I would just start to laugh. Also this one girl whom was a former staff member "Alicia" she said I sounded like Morgan Freeman which was honor to me because I love Morgan Freeman. but yeeh back to the main story uhh where was I oh yes so I was playing every game with the nickname Panda I switched my main game to cs:go after a slight misunderstandment with the reason for 2 of our staff members getting demoted and banned, so I decided to leave the server with a bang.. I binded /slay * to a key and started to slowly ban everyone on the server ":)" and I still to this day regret it, but I had to do something and that seemed like a good idea at the time.

Well then I started cs:go and after 10 games I was placed in the low rank of "Silver 3".

Well long story short I didn't belong to this rank and I carried my ass trough the russians and the scrubs to gold nova 1 where my IRL friend was.

Me and my friend start to play cs:go daily, but I was still top fragging almost every game. Scrubs from my games started to add me and I only added those who had some potential in them and my so called legend grew and so did my rank I finally got myself to Gold Nova 4 and realised my friend from school was also playing cs:go and he was also in the same rank so I decided to start to play with him.

So at this time I had played cs:go for quite a while and my skill had gotten better and I was again top fragging, but also out playing smurfs. Me and my friend were amazed at this one player "focus" and we asked hay do you want to play a couple of games more? and he said yeh sure lemme smoke this joint and then we went to play and we played for like 8h straight. Well Focus became our friend and we started to play with him every day and well we we're just slaying every game that came and carried ourselfs to the Master Guardian Elite rank.

Somewhere here I stopped smoking weed everyday and had to leave my old friend group because they started to try out different kinds of drugs as in ecstasy, LSD, Mushrooms and they even tried crack.:/ Well I was sure of it I had to leave the group because I was not going to look at them destroying their own life. fuck that.

And then Focus left and after a while I was just annoyed that I couldn't get to a higher rank because my friend was not as good as he should have been and then we both started to break down because we were really good at aiming, but we were still getting fucked and I had enough I didn't play cs:go for 3 months and got back I was still really good.. carried my friend to dmg and that was it I wanted to play alone and so I started to soloQ. Where my name grew even bigger because I was always blamed for hacks and for being a smurf and these came from smurfs themselfs. Well then I got back to mge and stayed there for a couple of weeks but eventually dropped to mg2 because of THE FUCKING RUSSIANS and my friend said "hay lul wanna come and play you can carry me to LEM ;)" and I said yeh sure ,but you are the higher ranks. Well I carried him to LEM and I was still stuck in mg2 I was again getting annoyed. So I quit cs:go and this time it was for a good I haven't played cs:go for 3-4months now maybe I sometimes went to play on my alt account, but it was just 1-5 comp games in 3-4moths. Well now I have stopped playing cs:go seriously and I'm maybe switching it back to Gmod because that's a game I like.

Well what else can I tell about myself..

Oh yes of course how could I not remember..

A couple of years back my home burned down and I was called a hero for running into the burning building to get our cats. I had to go to the hospital because I had inhaled too much smoke which I didn't really care about I was fine, but the doctors wanted me there so I went there.

I had to live in a container which we redecorated from the inside to look like a home.

We lived in this fucking container for 2 years almost 3.. we finally moved a month ago to a new house.

also as we lived in this depressing stage of our live my grandpa and my grandma died. My grandpa died due to throat cancer which he survived once, but It came back and my grandma just slept away one day.

But hayy everything is good now!

I'm 19, I still live in Helsinki Finland.

I got a new GF and I have a car 8)


oh and

you really are fucked in the head if you are still reading this :)

oh yeah forgot to mention.. I might be an asshole :*

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Holy shit I made a long post xD

I checked online and it's saying this post has 1191 words ._.

and this took me about an hour to write O.o

Edited by ✪☭PANDA☭

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Damn such a dank story, my dude! Very inspiring. See everyone, although his house burnt down and he hit rock bottom he's still living a healthy life and proceeding to make himself happy to this day.

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cba to read all this, came here to call all of you wankers thats about it 


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