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Nocturnal_Chris - Staff Application

In-Game Name: Nocturnal_chris Farmskins.com
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60072583
Real Name: Christopher Rose
Your Country Of Residence: Wales
Date Of Birth: 09/10/2002
Do You Have A Microphone: Yes
How did you find out about UltraRoleplay: My friend found the server and i joined him i had an amazing time so i carried on.
Your Playtime On The Server: 2 days 13 hours
How Many Warnings Do You Have: 1
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What RDM Means: RDM means random death match
its when someone kills with out a reason, rdm could be a way of trolling or agitating another player.

Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What NLR Means: NLR means new life rule
its when you die, you cant go back there. For instance if someone was raiding you then they kill you u cant go back and kill them. If they kill you you cant go back and kill them for revenge. you have to start a new life there is also a cooldown then the player can return.

Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What Meta-Gaming Means: When game information outside of what is available in a game is used to give a player an advantage in-game. or Another definition refers to the game universe outside of the game itself.

Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FailRP Means: Is when you do not care for your in game life. Fail RP is when you don't role-play properly for instance you are being robbed in real life you wouldn't run away but in games you would fail RP is when you ignore role playing and not care about if you die.
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FearRP Means: Fear RP is when you run away from someone say who is robbing you. You are running away from fear

Why Should You Be Chosen To Join Our Staff Team: I should be chosen for the staff team because i'm a loyal member who loves this server and want to make the server not full of cheaters. I feel like i could be beneficial to make the server a better place for everyone. I have enjoyed my time on the server i know the rules and sometimes people don't follow by them it annoys me so i want to fix that. The last point is that i feel if this server has a stronger admin force then there would be less people who mess about rdming random people blocking area's of so on and so forth.
Do You Understand That If You Are In-Active Without Saying You're Going On LOA (Leave Of Absence) You Will Be Demoted: Yes
Are You Currently A Member Of Staff On Any Other Community: No

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