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Twitch.tv/Gamstu - Staff Application

In-Game Name: Twitch.tv/gamstu
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:182389502
Real Name: Ayden L
Your Country Of Residence: England
Date Of Birth: 12/25/2003
Do You Have A Microphone: Yes
How did you find out about UltraRoleplay: I was looking for a position of staff since i was suddenly kicked from my last server due to shut down i realize i am under age/may be underage. I could ask my old server owner to give you a statment of how i did if you would like. I have played on the server for a few hours and i must say you guys have done well! Also i do have a mic it just has a weird buzz sound so on TeamSpeak I will have PTT (Push To Talk)
Your Playtime On The Server: 2 Hours
How Many Warnings Do You Have:
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What RDM Means: Random Death Matching. Is where in the act of random violence which in real life would be murder is illegal in a server it also means that.
It also means if you do kill without saying like if people raid you they can kill you that isn't against the rules but if you go in their home and don't say raid that is RDM.
(Don't know if that made any sense)
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What NLR Means: NLR is New Life Rule meaning anything that happened before you die is as if it didn't happen to you. So if you are killed in a raid you cannot return home until the NLR timer is over.
It also means vice versa if you raid them and they return they can be kicked or banned for breaking NLR.
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What Meta-Gaming Means: Meta-Gaming is basically strategy which is set down to rules so with the jobs you must stick to those rules so as a medic you can't just go in a shootout and heal yourself.
Also works as if you were a admin if you were staff on duty you cannot raid as you could have no-clip and god.
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FailRP Means: FailRP is as i said in Meta-Gaming "as a medic you can't just go in a shootout and heal yourself." and "Also works as if you were a admin if you were staff on duty you cannot raid as you could have no-clip and god."
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FearRP Means: FearRp means respect other players so if you are getting mugged play along and don't kill the mugger as that is FailRp and FearRP.
And or if you are being kidnapped you cannot go in console and do 'kill' or kill the kidnappers.
Why Should You Be Chosen To Join Our Staff Team: As i said i can get statements from my other server owners 1 of which i still talk to and i feel i would be great as staff as i will talk to the person i can get a statement from and he will put the server IP in chat of his live streams where he has 800 followers and that i have had experience with people DDOSing, RDMing everything against rules i've saw it.
Do You Understand That If You Are In-Active Without Saying You're Going On LOA (Leave Of Absence) You Will Be Demoted: Yes
Are You Currently A Member Of Staff On Any Other Community: No

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