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Twitch.tv/Gamstu - Staff Application

In-Game Name: AceTheGamer
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:182389502
Real Name: Ayden L
Your Country Of Residence: England
Date Of Birth: 12/25/2003
Do You Have A Microphone: Yes
How did you find out about UltraRoleplay: Used to be admin but roster was reset and i was also demoted for leave (forgot to inquire that i was going on holiday)
Your Playtime On The Server: 2 Hours
How Many Warnings Do You Have:
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What RDM Means: Random death match (randomly killing a player without reason or if police a warrant)
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What NLR Means: New life rule (once dead if you return to your place of death you will be breaking nlr but on URP you tunr into a ghost making it impossible to kill your killer)
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What Meta-Gaming Means: Meta gaming is any strategy used in a game such as csgo moving and rotating with your team and planning it ahead of time.
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FailRP Means: FailRP when a user does not obey their set rules by their character (so a citizen mugging and raiding)
Give 2 Detailed Explanations Of What FearRP Means: It is a concept by afraid to die (meaning set yourself in your characters boots meaning you dont want to die irl just like in RP)
Why Should You Be Chosen To Join Our Staff Team: As i was staff before and i have had experience as a staff member by 3 people i am still in touch with
Do You Understand That If You Are In-Active Without Saying You're Going On LOA (Leave Of Absence) You Will Be Demoted: Yes
Are You Currently A Member Of Staff On Any Other Community: No

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I am unfortunately going to decline this application due to the lack of effort put into it. You also were inactive previously when staff and that's what led to the demotion.


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